Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Innodb data types mapped to mysql data types

Today, I found the function in Innodb which maps Mysql data types to innodb data types. It is get_innobase_type_from_mysql_type which is located in the file The function takes an input parameter of type Field from mysql classes. This filed is then analyzed to set an output function paremeter that indicates whether the field is signed or unsigned and then the return value of the function is a macro integer code. The codes are defined in data0type.h as follows:

/* The 'MAIN TYPE' of a column */
#define DATA_VARCHAR 1
#define DATA_CHAR 2
#define DATA_BINARY 4
#define DATA_BLOB 5
#define DATA_INT 6
#define DATA_SYS_CHILD 7
#define DATA_SYS 8
#define DATA_FLOAT 9
#define DATA_DOUBLE 10
#define DATA_DECIMAL 11
#define DATA_VARMYSQL 12
#define DATA_MYSQL 13
#define DATA_MTYPE_MAX 63

More info on the data types in a later post.

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